Sunday, February 19, 2017

{story} -- Sweet Boy

Today we went to Wild Kratts. He was so excited, heck to be honest I was excited. The car ride was fun, the show was fun, he thanked me multiple times for taking him. He knew it was a privilege and he was very grateful. After the show we were in line to pick up a souvenir. Next to us in line was a little girl in a wheel chair. He was kind of staring at her and as most moms do I started to get a little nervous about if he was going to say something that could come off as insensitive. His staring got a little more intense and he started to move towards her. There was not much I could do at this point. I just took a deep breath and trusted him. He walked over to her and asked her about the cool thing she had in her hand that held her Creature Power Chips. I sighed relief. It was me. I was the one that was noticing the differences and I was ashamed. They talked about her little holder, and she opened it to show him. The Creature Power Chips fell out on the floor and before I knew it he was down on the floor picking them up for her and said "I will get them for you". He picked them all up and handed them to her and we got back in line. I love the simplicity of their little minds. There are no differences, we were there for a common cause and that is all those little kids thought about. I sure wish adults could be more like children, myself included in this. Love you little man, love your heart of gold.

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